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Discover a new way to rent items and spaces

A modern app to rent from nearby locals.

  • Finder

    Increase Discoverability

    Search nearby rental items and spaces, or search by a specific location.

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    Book Within the App

    Request a rental item or space directly from your phone.

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    Pickup and Have Fun

    Communicate with your lender directly within the app and pickup your items or keys.


Lend your items and spaces and get paid

Lend out your items and property nationally worry free.

  • Clock

    Flexible listings

    Control when your items and spaces are available to rent others.

  • Money

    Get Paid Weekly

    Set up direct deposit and start receiving earnings every week.

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    No Sign-Up Fees

    List your items and spaces today, commission free.


Grow your business with Renterii

Increase your rental business discovery for free.

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    Increase Discoverability

    Get free marketing for your rental list and get your rentals discovered quicker.

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    Full Control

    Control when your items and spaces are available for rent.

  • Support

    Partnership Support

    Receive ongoing partnership support from the Renterii team coast-to-coast.


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